Friday, May 14, 2010

Spray tan solution- applying with sponge?

A friend recently gave me a sample she'd been sent of Spray Tan, as she'd recieved two. I'm not depserate to use it, especially as I don't have a spray tan applicator.

It says on the website you can apply the free sample with a sponge-鈥?/a>

Can anyone advise on a)if you can and b)how exactly to do it.Spray tan solution- applying with sponge?
becareful! make sure if you apply it at all you make sure your body is free of the follwing makeup lotion oils deoderant perfume sweat. make sure your body is very exfoilated! anything that is on your body including dead cell build up will result in the tan not sticking in those areas. wear gloves to so you don't get orange palms save the hands for last ok. this is all i can tell you i spray tan people and have been spray tanned i t can look very nice if it is done right. Good Luck!!!!

Spray Tan removal?

Ok, so I got a spray tan just over a week ago and now its starting to come off. Its going blotchy and fading in places.

I have to have it all off by the end of this week. What can I use to get if off easily?

I belive the tan liquid is sugar based if that helps.Spray Tan removal?
use an exfoliant like caress with moister beads and a loofa. the coarseness will remove the color from your skin. also if you shave it will take off the tan faster from your legs because you remove the dead skin cells. good luck!Spray Tan removal?
I know that when I start IV's on people at the hospital, the alcohol pad removes their self-tanner every time. Maybe alcohol and a cotton pad?
I think model co. makes a tan remover. and exfoliating helps too.
To remove a fake tan fast your best bet is to exfoliate! I would recommend using exfoliating gloves with your favorite body wash. I use exfoliating gloves all the time they can help to remove anything from your body! These gloves are in most beauty retailers and also in many big stores like Albertsons. Good luck with this!!

It won't come off!

You just have to let it wear off!

Spray tan disaster!!?

help, i went for a spray tan last night, and the woman told me it willl adjust to my skin shade after i wash it off teh next day. this morning i had my bath, my legs arms etc look fab but my face and hands are bright orange! what do i do! im going a wedding tomorrow!

please help on tips and advice on removing/ mellowing my umpa lumpa tan!Spray tan disaster!!?
Buy a tambourine, wrap up well in an orange sheet, and go to the reception swaying and singing ';Hardy, hardy rama, rama rama, hardy Krishna!';. Not many people will notice the colour of your face and hands.Spray tan disaster!!?
it happened to me before- i had to exfiliate and mositurise and wash my hands constantly throughout the day, a really good way to get it off your hands is to wash loads of dishes with loads of washing up liquid and hot water -strange i know but it worked for me, lol. learn from this and tell her next time to only lightly spray your hands and face or go back and complain, that what i did but exfoliate if the only way i would think by the sounds of it,oh and next time wash your face before you go to bed so it doesnt get too dark- good luck :-)
Big Willy has that all wrong - they actually sing :

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Dont have any advice on the tan thing though, thats the reason i wouldnt dare go for fake tan - i would rather stick to being pale! sorry!
You can buy tan remover wipes from the chemist - try that. Also have two showers today and use a good exfoliator.

If neither of them work then you are going to have to get clever with foundation!

Good luck :-)

best way to get rid of fake tan
Need to see pictures to help you
Minty toothpaste! Get a cloth and a huge tube of tothpaste. SCrub scrub scrub. The mint takes the color out

Spray tan help please?

I have a date tom night and had a spray tan... now my feet are orange... what will get this off..Spray tan help please?
lots of scrubbin... and get some Lancome tan gel to help cover evenlySpray tan help please?
Get in the shower with a moisturizing body wash and loofah, loofah, loofah. Once dry, apply loreal self tan corrector. This should help, but closed shoes will probably be your biggest life saver.
half a cup of warm water and half a cup of lemon juice and scrub
nail polish ..

Spray tan or not for holidays.?

I was thinking of getting a spray tan or two(im fair) done for my holidays. Im going to Turkey and really want to start of the holiday with a nice tan this year.

My fear is that it will wear of grubby with the pool, sun etc..

Has anyone got this done for a sun holiday.. And how did it last..?Spray tan or not for holidays.?

I had a spay tan done at a beauty salon, I picked it as you get in done in a booth by an automatic sprayer, so you dont have to strip and be sprayed by anyone.

The spray tan i had done was called magic tan....there is about 3 different shades of colour you can chose form depending on your skin colour....i had stage 2.

the tan develops over a few hours and it does look really nice when fully developed it lasted about 4 -5 days and i actually liked the colour best on about the 3rd day.

i would definatly use this again it only cost 11pound to have done and i have never been able to acheive such good results by trying to spray a tan on myself.

the tan fades well and does not look horrible whilst fading....just make sure you exfoliate and shave about 24hours before you have it done.Spray tan or not for holidays.?
It should be ok, i do my own spray tans and i did one before my holiday. It starts to fade a little but as your catching the sun you shouldn't notice.

Just moisturise everyday.
I personally dont like girls with spray tans. It makes them look very funny- to tell the truth I laugh at some where they look so silly

You should develop a natural tan when your in Turkey when you go.

You shouldnt get it done, really
  • nail polish
  • Spray tan which one?

    i want a spray tan in a bottle that doesnt turn me orange and works fast and stays on a while. i tried Jergans (didnt spell that right) it didnt work. than i tried stuff in a bottle that made me ORANGE!!!haha i want one that wont turn my legs orange and works fast!!! PLZ HELP! thnx!Spray tan which one?
    Clinique self tanner works well. I've also tried Este Lauders gel tan and that works really well, it's not a spray though. Also Mystic Tan the professional spray on tan that salons use comes in a take him kit now with lotion, spray, and everything else you need for a perfect tan. It's kind of expensive, you can buy it at Sephora, it really gives you a perfect looking tan. Here's the link:鈥?/a>

    PS: If you over tan in some areas use a lemon wedge and salt solution to make your tan more even.

    Best of Luck! ^-^Spray tan which one?
    Neutrogena has always worked for me - you can get it anywhere and it gives you a nice peachy blush, not an orange mask. But lotions always look better than the spray because they penetrate a little deeper and come off more evenly and gradually than a spray on tan. Just remember, if you're very light skined, ANY self tanner will look orange if you use too much or use one meant for darker skin tones.
    Try Glow and Steady from Bath and Body Works


    Try getting a professional spray tan. Fantasy Tan is the best I have used so far. Go to and search for the demonstrator closest to you.
    dont use spray on duhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Spray tan then sunbed?

    I was wondering if it would be ok if I got a spray tan for a quick fix and then use a sunbed after that so I can gradually get a proper tan or will it not work because I'll have had the spray on tan? Also what is the precedure for getting a spray tan in a beauticians? Thanks :)Spray tan then sunbed?
    In the salon I worked in, we called that a Cocktail Tan! It will work great because the DHA in the spray will have a chance penetrate deeper and darker from the heat of the UV booth, you do need to do a stand up before going into spray. This opens up your pores for the spray. Do not use a tanning lotion or moisturizer, other than the one provided in the spray tan booth.

    You should exfoliate your entire body before you go. However do not moisturize! The reason you don't want to moisturize is because any type of emollient is going to block the absorption of DHA, the active ingredient in the spray tan. The only kind of a moisturizer you can use before a spray tan... that I know of anyway... is made by Mystic and it's called HyperMoist.

    When you go into the booth you'll of course want to undress, put the hair net on and then prepare your skin. They will provide you with a blending cream. You want to put a very, very thin layer on dry areas, like your knees and elbows and a rub it in.

    Then apply a heavier layer of it on the palms of your hands, working it more thinly in between your fingers and the webbing of your fingers. Do the same thing on the edges of your feet. NOT ON THE BOTTOMS of your feet! Also make sure you get your nails and cuticles of both hands and feet.

    You are now ready for the booth... ooops! Almost forgot! Use the eyewear they give you! Most of the time people want to squint when the spray hits their face. When they do that it makes you look like you have wrinkles when you don't.

    When you get out, you want to first wipe the cream off your hands and with a towel, remove the cap from your head. As quickly as you can, with a clean towel dry off COMPLETELY! As fast as you can, rub every part of your body dry... don't miss a thing! A lot of people want to leave as much of the spray on them, this cause blotchiness. Don't do it! Rub yourself dry! The faster you can dry off, the less chance of dripping and running.

    Don't wear your favorite white bra, it can stain some fabrics. Do not get wet for at least 4-6 hours after. Don't do any activity that may cause you to sweat for 4-6 hours. After you take a shower, use a moisturizer. Even though the solution is aloe based, the DHA can be drying to your skin. The more you moisturize, the longer it lasts.

    Good Luck! Follow these instructions and it'll look great!Spray tan then sunbed?
    I think you need to do the bed first then the spray tan


    I dont understand your second question :(